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Welcome to Real Wealth KC. My name is Eric Schlueter. I am a licensed real estate agent in Kansas and Missouri with Parker Realty Group LLC. Real Estate may be the fastest way to get rich, but it is the little things we do that create wealth. I’d like to share with you the things that I have learned from others to create real wealth in my life.

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Real Wealth KC

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  • From Overdrawn to Overachiever
    While listening to Marketplace this morning I was surprised to hear that overdraft fees are at a record high. It was not that long ago that I was also getting sucked into that cycle of being a few dollars shy on one transaction to a $100+ negative balance in my checking account. If it feelsContinue reading “From Overdrawn to Overachiever”
  • Twenty Percent Down
    How much money do you need to buy a house? Maybe you have heard you need a 20% down payment. Sounds like a good place to start. So let’s take this house we just picked out from Zillow and do the math. This is a GREAT house. It has everything I want. I’m getting aContinue reading “Twenty Percent Down”
  • The Notebook
    I picked up a good habit when I was in the Army. Early on I was told by a superior to keep a Me Book which is common practice among the best soldiers. It’s a binder with all your important documents in one place. I carried the practice into civilian life and keep a binderContinue reading “The Notebook”

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Eric Schlueter is a licensed real estate agent in Kansas and Missouri under Parker Realty LLC . Contact us to see how he can help you to buy or sell a home.

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