Locations, Locations, Locations

Everyone has an idea about what kind of home they want to live in, some people are more flexible than others. But every once in a while you get a specific requirement. For example the house needs to have a front porch facing south. Not an unreasonable request for an architect, but most houses are built without ever taken into consideration their orientation to the sun.

Or you want your favorite coffee house to be on your commute to work, or the grocery store on the commute home? These aren’t unreasonable requests, and show you have put a lot more thought into how your home helps you achieve your lifestyle. Maybe you never knew your life could be this convenient!!

Today I am going to show what your buyer’s agent can do with respect to location. Let’s say you, the client, enjoy the library and you would prefer to walk to that library at least once a week. You like all the Kansas City Kansas Public Library branches, so neighborhood is not important. Zillow might be good at finding a three bedroom two bathroom house, but it’s not going to help you in this situation.

Homes for sale within one mile of KCKPL Branches

Well, there you go. There’s a link I set up showing you all the homes currently on the market within a one mile radius of KCKPL branches. Now this search shows ALL the homes currently for sale, but the search can be customized to show only three beds, two baths under $175K etc.. When I set up a search like this for a client it will notify us via email when there are updates, so we can get a jump on house in market like we have today where inventory is limited and houses typically stay on the market less than thirty days.

Maybe that doesn’t impress you much. You think, “Why would any NOT care what neighborhood they live in? Clearly the West Wyandotte Branch is the best!! I always find the coolest stuff there” or “No! The Turner Community Library is the best because it’s right across the street from The Windmill KC coffee!!” I get it. I get it. Everyone is very passionate about what they like these days.

Here’s where a search tool like multiple locations is very valuable. If you are looking for a fixer upper you probably want the nearest home center to be within two miles because you will make many many trips to and from the home center to pick up materials during your rehab. I have a search set up like that to show houses under $100K near home centers anywhere in the city. It comes in handy not just for people who buy and rehab homes for a living but for home buyers who are handy with their own home repairs.

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