Q: Does Mortgage Prequalification Affect My Credit Score?

A: Quick answer is no, but there are some things you will need to understand about applying for a mortgage to buy your first home. You may have heard that credit checks hurt your credit, and that is true if you are applying with multiple lenders to see who will approve you for a loan.Continue reading “Q: Does Mortgage Prequalification Affect My Credit Score?”

From Overdrawn to Overachiever

While listening to Marketplace this morning I was surprised to hear that overdraft fees are at a record high. It was not that long ago that I was also getting sucked into that cycle of being a few dollars shy on one transaction to a $100+ negative balance in my checking account. If it feelsContinue reading “From Overdrawn to Overachiever”

Springtime in Kansas City!!

Kansas City is finally warming up after a brutal winter and I am ready to get outdoors for any reason. Many people have spent time fixing up the insides of their houses during the Covid pandemic but one thing that is often overlooked in home improvement is landscaping!! While landscaping sounds like a monumental taskContinue reading “Springtime in Kansas City!!”